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Konkan: Pictures & Photos of Coastal Kokan trip

Konkan is the Coastal strip in western India, running from north to south of Maharashtra state and ends in Goa. Characterized by White sand beaches and clean sea water, Greenery, Palm trees, Paddy fields, religious places and sparse population make this strip an ideal laid back beach vacation. Konkan railway connectivity and good road transport is increasing the tourism value of konkan.

Sometime you experience the shades of goa in konkan. MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism) is building hotels in velneshwar and other places. MTDC already has good hotel facilities at Ganpatipule.
My visit with Uday was to his ancestral home. Situated amongst small green interior villages, decorated by creeks, secluded serene and clean beaches, and greenery everywhere, it was a reflection of beautiful konkan. And these villages are the places where everybody knows your name.

Places visited:
1. Hedvi: A beautiful ganpati temple and beach
2. Ganpatipule: A beautiful ganpati temple known for its huge Pradakshina around the mountain near a nice beach and a favourite vacation spot.
3. Velneshwar: A scenic beach and cove. MTDC and TAJ Group are developing resorts here.
4. Talekhajan and Sakhri Agaar village.
In addition there are some recent pics from Konkan road trip Click on thumbnail for the enlarged picture

Scenes from TaleKhajan village

House, Palm Trees
and Creek : Talekhajan Khaadi
House, Palm Trees
and Creek
Thande Thane paani se ...: Bull in a river having a bath
Thande Thane paani se ...
SurMaad: Kind of
Toddy Tree : Bead type fruits
SurMaad: Kind of
Toddy Tree
Farmer Working : Green Workplace !
Farmer Working
Thatched Hut for
Parking boats
Thatched Hut for
Parking boats
Sleepy Calf : couple of week old calf
Sleepy Calf
Water Wheel: RaHaat
Water Wheel
Shy Cute Calf : 2 week old calf
Shy Cute Calf
Broken Chair Old
Broken Chair Old
Typical House
Typical House
House Surrounded by Greenery
House Surrounded by Greenery
Devghar: Home of Gods
Wooden Door
and Window
Wooden Door
and Window
Talekhajan Wadi: Village
Talekhajan Wadi
Tiled Roof : Ghar Kaularu
Tiled Roof
Brahma Dev Mandir: Temple
Brahma Dev Mandir
Boat Creek : Khaadi
Boat Creek
F1 Truck : Bodiless: Chassis
F1 Truck !!
Good Harvest : Green Harvest: Man walking
Good Harvest
River Bank
River Bank

Rice Fields

Fields of Gold: Rice Harvest Colors
Fields of Gold
Rice Fields near River : Colorful Bank
Rice Fields near River
Car Decoration : Trishul
Car Decoration
Palm Trees: Maadi
Palm Trees
Sunset Farm
Sunset Farm
Farm House
Farm House
Uday And Cousin
Uday And Cousin
Rice Grains: Ready !
Rice Grains
Golden Green : Paddy Landscape
Golden Green
Green Rice Field
Green Rice Field
Beautiful River bank: Paddy Fields
Beautiful River bank
Naughty By Nature : Rice Field Roads
Naughty By Nature
Palm Trees Silhouette : Sunset
Palm Trees Silhouette
Lush Green Rice Field : Green Fields House
Lush Green Rice Field
Uday Smiling
Uday Smiling
State Transport Bus : Inside
State Transport Bus


Me at Ganpatiphule: Temple
Me at Ganpatiphule
Ganpatipule Temple : Mandir
Ganpatipule Temple
Metal Mouse Idol: Mooshak Offering Modak at Ganpatipule
Metal Mouse Idol
Konkan Coast:
Beautiful Beach: Ganpati Pule
Konkan Coast:
Beautiful Beach
Beautiful Cove of Velneshwar: Velneshwar Cove
Beautiful Cove of Velneshwar
MTDC Ganpatipule : Beach Resort of Government: White Sands
MTDC Ganpatipule
Kokan House
Kokan House
Mobile Signal
Mil Gaya !: Hero Honda
Mobile Signal
Mil Gaya !

Beautiful Coastal Konkan: Velneshwar and Hedvi

Ganpatipule Beach
Ganpatipule Beach
Velneshwar Beach : Deserted
Velneshwar Beach
Velneshvar Beach : Koli (Fisher Woman)
Velneshvar Beach
Costal Konkan: Beautiful Beach of Hedvi : Secluded !
Coastal Konkan: Beautiful Beach of Hedvi
Konkan Darshan:
MTDC Velneshwar Beach: Cliff view
Konkan Darshan:
MTDC Velneshwar Beach
Hedvi Beach : Rocky Beach
Hedvi Beach
Hedvi Ganpati : DashaBhuja Idol
Hedvi Ganpati
Uma Maheshwar Temple : Mandir
Uma Maheshwar Temple
Bhaman Ghal
 (Crevice): Hedvi
Bhaman Ghal
Hedvi Temple : Mandir
Hedvi Temple
Saakhri Agaar Village: Adios !
Saakhri Agaar Village
Uday's Relatives: On Swing
Uday's Relatives
ST Bus: Life Line
of Konkan: Speeding Bus
ST Bus: Life Line
of Konkan
Speed !: Overview of Bike: Hero Honda
Speed !
Green Turning Road
Green Turning Road

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