Sometimes u have the FEELINGS but not the right words this here just might be just the just right
words or a letter which might get u your someone special.......its a valentine gift

U must have come here coz u may be in one of the following is ur ways to move on........

Angry in love
A Secret admirer
Longing to tell Someone who cant make up his/her mind about u
In Love after meeting first time
Already in Love and afraid of physical uncertanties
A diseased past and u want to reveal

We have become more to each other than I could have imagined. The love that we discovered is warm in my heart. There are now feelings I never knew existed, but I am delighted that you are the reason for these feelings. I can still feel your kisses as they whispered across my face and your finger tips as they traced silent messages. I don't want this beginning to end.

Now, I must take the time to be serious before we continue our explorations. I believe we must be responsible in our actions and not take risks. I appreciate the responsibility you've shown in practicing safe sex. It tells me you are concerned about me. But we live in a world where AIDS is a reality that can touch us. Because I love you, I would never want to hurt you. Please don't take my words the wrong way, but for both our sakes I feel we should go and be tested.

The world is getting smaller and smaller, and we probably know someone or have a friend or relative that has AIDS or has tested positive for HIV. For your protection and mine, if we really care about each other, then we will go and never wonder about whatever was in the past. Our questions shouldn't be about the past. And if we do this now, I know there won't be any question at all about our future.

If you feel this shouldn't be part of our commitment to each other, tell me. But I feel that if we are committed to this relationship, this won't be a problem for us. I will always be honest with you and leave you no room to doubt that I love you and care deeply for you.

a diseased past
I can't tell you how I longed to hear you say the words quot;I love youquot;. [Name a Place and Time] when I heard these words from your lips, it was a dream come true. But I also knew that I had to share things with you that until now I didn't need to discuss.

We each live with a past, and mine has had the consequences of the unforeseen. Due to a [Describe the Reason for Your Ailment, Use the Words, quot;relationshipquot;, quot;medical conditionquot;, quot;visit to another countryquot;] in [Give the Year that You Contracted Your Ailment], I contracted [Name of the Disease]. My doctor says that I [Explain the Medical Consequences to Yourself] and as far as those I become intimate with, there is [Explain the Medical Consequences to Your Intimate Partners]. I felt you needed to know this if our relationship is to continue and survive.

I love you and want to pursue our relationship, but I could not go any further without revealing this to you. Whatever your feelings are regarding my situation, I will respect them. If you think we can continue, I will be the happiest person upon this earth. If you have any questions I cannot answer, we can make an appointment with my doctor to discuss them.

I hope that we still have a future and that you understand what happened. I don't want you to be afraid, but to still love me and to face each day by my side.

I'll be waiting to hear from you so we can talk and I can hear you say those words again...

I love you...

angry in love
Ex-dear [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter],
All I have left of our love is a photograph of your face. The question is -- what do I do with it? Many answers come to mind. It could be considered a multiple choice solution. Do I: A. Burn it, B. Throw darts at it, C. Rip it to shreds, or D. All of the above?

How naive I was to not understand what you were capable of doing to my heart. Your cruel words still pierce and wound my soul. I can't believe that I gave you the power to turn my heart to glass. You shattered it and left me with broken shards.

In the end, I don't miss you. I don't look for your face. The pain becomes a cure for loving you. When you [Describe the Event That Made You Decide to Leave], my belief in you died. You've become a well-taught lesson, not to be forgotten and not fondly remembered.

Without regrets

cant make up ur mind
I am leaving because there is someone else. I am leaving because you can't make up your mind. You do not know what you want, but I do. I want an answer.

I cannot live wondering if I will see you each day or if you will be in another's embrace. Don't tell me how meaningless that relationship is when you cannot be free to be with me. I will walk away and not look back. I may lose my heart, but not my mind.

I need to be loved for me by someone who loves only me. If I sit here and wait for you, I may wait forever. I will not be a pitiful soul waiting for the meager love you offer. I refuse to let you use me this way. I am worth more and I deserve better.

If you did not realize this then it's time you did.


after a fight
How can we both sit in the same room with a deafening silence between us? How could words pour forth that could only hurt and crush our love? I didn't mean them, I swear! I just didn't know how to take them back...

I don't understand why we fought. Can you forget what I said? It was my frustration speaking, not my heart. Can you understand that my intent was not to separate us, but to vent my inadequacies?

What can I do to make you look into my eyes again? How can I bring you into my arms? What would it take to restore our love? Say that you still love me and that I am still yours. Do not let my words be the barrier that divides us. Forgive me...

I'm sorry,

I thought no one could love like we did. Each day I gave you more of me, more of my love and more of my soul. I would have given you all...But you betrayed me, my darling [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter].

Do you remember our dreams at night? They glistened in the velvet light. Promises spoken -- were they just words to be forgotten?
I thought at times that I could not live without you. I believed I existed for one reason -- you. Yet I breathe, I laugh, I live ... without you.

Only now and then I feel the sadness as memories fill my mind. What we had and what could have been are now just memories, too. Why did I believe? Why?


destroyed my soul
Understand that I need time to think over what's happened. I cannot understand why you sought another's lips, when mine were warm and willing. How could another's arms beckon you when mine were always open? When you [Describe The Event That, Broke You Apart], you destroyed a part of my soul.

I am hurt. I feel empty and hollow. I don't know if there is anything of our love left to save. How can I trust you again? I will always wonder who you were with, every time you're late. I will wonder if you will betray me again. For if you did -- it would kill me...

I can't give you any answers now. I love you, but I can't make any promises, [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter]. I once believed that we were invincible. I don't know what we have now besides a broken trust.

For these reasons I must go...

love expressions
Oh My Darling [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter],

Are you aware of the feelings you provoke inside the deepest parts of my soul? Do you know that when I look in the mirror it's not my face I see but yours? I constantly imagine your touch and the sensations that delight my very being.

I held my love deep in my heart. It was not something I would easily give to the first sweet smile I encountered. Others have tried to reach deep and retrieve my love, but they were not you. You have awakened the love that was ready to spill from my soul. The love I've kept welled and sealed because I could not be sure if my feelings were real or just an infatuation.

I have not one doubt that you are the one, the only heart to whom I can give my love. You are the rarest and most valuable jewel to treasure. In your presence are riches and riches that can never be duplicated by any other. Say you feel the same love and become my soul mate, my life long love. Say you'll marry me.

My heart and soul are yours forever,
I think you are like the sea. You stretch out before me, going from here to the forever of the horizon. You are liquid -- moist and cool, pouring yourself over me. As a wave's gentle rhythm, you come wrapping smoothly over my heart.

You are the sky then I think. You are bluer than indigo, frosted and tipped with iridescent clouds, a contrast, shuddering against the crisp green earth. Verdant and luxuriant, you become as I stretch out in your love.

How can you be so many things to me? What can I become in return? Till the day I die, I will get up each day to write all the poems in my heart for you, but I think I can never find enough words to express the love that I feel, my sweet [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive This Letter].

Yours with all the love of heaven and earth,


I'm not very good at expressing what I'm feeling, especially with all the current political correctness. For in today's world, I may have to arrange a legal document to ensure that my words are deemed proper. So please don't take offense when I say I love you.

I've wanted to tell you for so long. I came really close several times, like when ........ I don't know if you realized how close I came to exposing my heart that time.

I finally decided to take action. I could be safe and never reveal these feelings you provoke in me, or I could do what I'm doing now - letting you know how special you are in my eyes and letting you know that I only have eyes for you.

Your essence tangles my emotions. I want to learn more about you. I want to be there with you, for you. I want to be the person you love. Can these possibilities become realities? Is there a place in your life for me?

Tell me dear ... and do not keep me in suspense. Am I fantasizing about a fairy tale, or can we live happily ever after?

Your secret admirer

Our brief encounter last evening at ...........left me searching my soul with questions about you. This feeling that I had met you before, it finally came to me -- you are the face in my dreams. The face that shared my thoughts and my future.

The slight touch of your hand was electricity running through my heart. I know you felt it too. We connected spiritually. Could it be possible that we were destined for that moment? Destined to share more than a brief moment?

All this may sound ludicrous to you. It does to me; and here I sit, the realist, writing to you . Please don't disregard these feelings. I wish to see you again and to explore avenues of possible future adventures such as ............

Take your time to consider meeting me, but please don't take long. I will be waiting for you at ........ I know you'll remember me, but just in case you forgot, I'll be wearing ........and holding a bouquet of ........ just for you.

Your victim of deja vu

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